As construction continues, residents, business owners and anyone traveling in the vicinity of the pipeline alignment may experience detours, access issues, and other construction activities associated with large-scale linear projects. To minimize these impacts, the majority of the pipeline will be installed within existing pipeline corridors. Public safety, ease of access, and well-marked detour information will be a priority throughout the life of the project. Project team members are committed to communicating proactively with the community.

The WHCRWA is working with multiple agencies to coordinate construction and minimize impacts along the entire route. In addition to complying with City of Houston ordinances regarding construction, including noise and air quality, the WHCRWA requires that its contractors go above and beyond to minimize disruption and implement best management practices. Major thoroughfares are planned to remain open during traffic times. Safety is a key consideration, as contractors will be required to maintain safe job sites with regular facility and property inspections along the corridor.

As necessary, contractors will be required to repair roadways impacted by construction. Access to churches, schools, businesses, and other properties will be maintained throughout construction. SWSP Program Managers will coordinate with these entities and local emergency services in advance to determine and communicate necessary road closures, identify appropriate detours, and phase construction to minimize disruptions.

Property owners will be contacted well in advance of construction activities and may have already been contacted regarding right-of-way acquisitions and right-of-entry.

Design for the SWSP began in spring 2016. Construction began along Segment 3 in 2020, and the entire project is anticipated to be complete in 2026.

Although construction of the project is slated to occur from 2020 to 2026, no area will be impacted for the entire three-year period. The WHCRWA will require its contractors to complete the project in segments. Construction activities in each segment will last approximately six to nine months. Construction activities for any given area can last from weeks to months. For updates regarding construction schedules, please frequent the Construction Updates page.