Road Closures

The Surface Water Supply Project (SWSP) is committed to providing up-to-date information about Project progress, construction activities, and traffic impacts. Upcoming construction activities and road closures are provided by the SWSP and will be made available prior to scheduled construction activities.

Construction of Segment 3 began in early 2020, and delivery of surface water to WHCRWA and NFBWA residents through this line, is anticipated to begin in 2025.

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The Community Outreach Team will continue to provide updates to the community about the SWSP.

To sign up to receive periodic project update emails, visit the Contact Us page and select the topics in which you are interested. For updates regarding construction schedules, please frequent the Construction Information page, and read the latest information in the Project Newsletter.

For additional information, contact the Community Outreach Team by email at or call us at 1-844-638-7977(SWSP).